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philosthelema's Journal

The Philosophy of Thelema
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Philos is the Greek word for "Friend or Lover". As friends and lovers of the 93 current, we desire the further development and refinement of the Philosophy of Thelema.

I use a very light hand to moderate communities and set rules designed to encourage the particular types of discussions I'd hope to see.

So far, here are the rules for PhilosThelema:

1. Be intellectually honest. If you don't know what that means, don't worry, someone will let you know if you cross the line. Respect the time and energy others put into their contributions to the forum even if you don't like them. Too many intentional Red Herrings will make you smell of rotten fish and I will give you the boot !

2. Constructive criticism of others (individuals and organizations) are "OK" only so long as the intent is to provide a context for ideas about the philosophical components of Thelema. This is not the place to air grievances, attacks or start flame wars.

3. Simple restatement of part of #2: Attack ideas, not people.

4. Try to write things in such a way that invites discussion and enhancement.

5. If you join this forum under false pretenses (i.e. to launch personal attacks, disrupt the conversations, etc.), I will remove you.